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PAI High Performance Truck Parts

PAI ensures that our High Performance Truck Parts exceed industry standards for quality and performance. As an added advantage to our customers, High Performance Truck Parts come with an extended 3-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty.

High Performance HP-3 Dry Film Lubricant

High Performance Piston Skirts

Coating Process / Material Specifications

PAI's Piston Skirts are treated with a new and highly developed anti-friction coating process. The coating is designed to lower scuffing and wear while providing a dry lubrication that is highly resistant to contamination and reduces parasitic drag. HP-3 is a proprietary formulation of anti-friction coating applied to the piston skirt, to decrease friction on the cylinder walls.

Low Coefficient of Friction Water Resistant Corrosion Protection

High Performance HP-2 Ceramic Coating

High Performance Piston Crown

Coating Process / Material Specifications

HP-2 provides a more effective, even fuel burn thoughout the combustion chamber while maintaining a higher nominal temperature. This high temperature build-up is turned into usable energy. This surplus of energy is then converted into horsepower, rather than dissipated through the pistons. This process is proven effective with all engine types, including turbocharged engines.

Protects 2000°F + Corrosion Protection Heat Resistant

High Performance Isotropic Superfinish (ISF)

High Performance Piston Pins

Finishing Process

Parasitic loss due to friction robs the engine of power, creates higher temperatures, and excessive wear on the Drivetrain. PAI's High Performance Piston Pins have been specially treated with an Isotropic Superfinish to combat parasitic loss.

The resulting low friction surface allows the Drivetrain to run smoother, freeing up power, and improving fuel economy. In fact, the surface is so smooth you can visually see the difference.

Longer Life Run Smoother Better Fuel Economy

High Performance HP-1 Dry Film Coating

High Performance Piston Rings

Coating Process / Material Specifications

Power loss due to sliding contact between parts, micro-welding and liner galling are all problems created by excessive friction. Built to survive in highly demanding performance engines. PAI's High Performance ring sets increase the engine's performance and durability. The HP-1 coating provides a solid lubrication to the contact faces resulting in higher load carrying capacity and friction reduction.

Corrosion Protection Increased Lubricity Oil & Fuel Resistant

High Performance HP-780 Dry Film Coating

High Performance Piston Bearings

Coating Process / Material Specifications

At the heart of PAI's High Performance Piston Bearings is the new HP-780 Material which provides 15 times higher load capacity, a longer life, and improved fatigue resistance over any other standard bearing material. The latest addition of the HP-780 coating lowers friction to 1/3 of the original values, thus preventing abrasive wear.

Corrosion Protection Low Friction Oil & Fuel Resistant Longer Life Better Fuel Economy Increased Lubricity

High Performance 7-Layer Lamination

High Performance Cylinder Head Gasket

Design / Material Specifications

High combustion pressure of Turbocharged diesel engines represents significant challenges for Cylinder Head Gaskets. For this reason PAI's engineers have developed our new High Performance 7-Layer Cylinder Head Gasket to ensure safe and optimum performance through critical high-pressure and high-temperature conditions; while providing a strong durable seal.

High Heat Resistant Corrosion Resistant Longer Life Performance Stronger Sealant Bond Increased Strength High Pressure Resistant

High Performance High-Grade Alloy Steel

High Performance Gears

Design / Material Specifications

PAI HP Gears use a proprietary High-Grade Alloy Streel with added strength and extended wear properties. The material composition is certified to North American standards with added Ni (Nickel) and Mo (Molybdenum).

Alloy steels contain a wide range of steels whose compositions exceed the limitations of C, Mo, Cr, Va, Mn, Ni, Si, and B fixed for carbon steels. These steels are more responsive to mechanical and heat treatments than carbon steels.

High Grade Alloy Steel CNC Automation Precision Heat Treatment Ground Tooth Precision 100% Noise Tested Longer Life

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